Proper golf attire is required. Shirts must have collars and shorts must be no shorter than 3" above your knee. Shirt tails must be worn tucked in shorts or pants. Hats and visors must wear them with the brim facing forward at all times. No hats are to be worn in the clubhouse. Changing shoes in the parking lot is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

The following are NOT permitted on the golf course, driving range or in the Golf Pro Shop:

  • Tennis attire
  • Bathing suits
  • Swim suit coveralls
  • Short shorts or skirts
  • Cut Offs
  • Frayed bottom shorts
  • Denim of any kind
  • Halters, tank tops or tee shirts
  • Cargo pants and shorts
  • Sweat Pants 

Please abide by these rules and share this information with any guests you will bring to the club. It alleviates an embarrassing experience.


Panther Valley is a Robert Trent Jones Senior gem. It is our duty to keep it that way. As members, please follow some of these basic steps:

  • Rake Bunkers out of courtesy to the next player who hits their ball in the same bunker
  • Replace Divots
  • Repair ball marks - I never like to say repair your OWN ball mark because we should repair EVERY ball mark or other green damage which could include dragging feet on greens or indentations made laying down the flagstick.

Let's not forget that it is YOUR club. As members, we need to take great pride in Panther Valley and respect your golf course.


Players should play at a good pace. The committee at Panther Valley has established that a round should be played between 4 hours and 4 hours and 15 minutes in competition. All members of the foursome are subject to slow play penalties regardless of who is at fault. In tournaments the penalty is 2 additional strokes. For regular play in the speed slot, groups who play in more than 4 hours and 18 minutes will be warned with a letter for the 1st offense and loss of privileges in the early slot for 2 weeks for the 2nd offense.


  • Be ready to play as soon as it's your turn to play.
  • Park golf carts or place bags in positions that will save time exiting the green and going to the next hole.
  • If you hit a ball which could be out of bounds, lost or unplayable, ALWAYS play a provisional ball. Hitting two shots takes less time than losing a ball and having to walk back to the original position.